September 25th, 2015

SLAM Hosts The Advisory Board’s Blueprint for Growth 2020

On Friday, September 25, The S/L/A/M Collaborative (SLAM) hosted a presentation by Ethan Brosowsky, Director and national spokesperson for The Advisory Board Company (TABC) titled Blueprint for Growth 2020: Product, Pricing and Sales Strategies for a Retail Market for Health Care.

Rising health care costs, the proliferation of high-deductible health plans, and greater levels of transparency and choice are pushing consumers and employers to become more active health care purchasers. Ever-higher deductibles mean increasing shares of health care services are subject to price shopping. Attendees were able to explore the right mix of services to capture market share under this new set of incentives. The presentation discussed a variety of topics regarding competing on cost and getting chosen for high-value provider networks as well as staying competitive in price-sensitive services; the new services that patients and purchasers will demand in the future; balancing patient convenience with limited choice in site of care; the infrastructure needed to streamline costs and expand access to care; and new technologies and strategies for communicating high quality and an exceptional patient experience. Brosowsky explored multiple case studies of various healthcare providers’ customer-focused growth strategies to compete within the emerging retail market of the healthcare industry.

Brosowsky presented research findings on frontier strategic and clinical best practices, covering general hospital administration and management, health system economics, and health policy. He is a lecturer for the flagship Health Care Advisory Board program, the Health Care Industry Committee, and the HR Advancement Center. For more information about The Advisory Board Company, please visit

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