August 30, 2016

Griffin Hospital IR Suite and East Lobby Designed by SLAM Complete

The renovation of the Interventional Radiology (IR) Suite and East Lobby at Griffin Hospital has reached completion. Designed by The S/L/A/M Collaborative (SLAM), these spaces will greatly benefit the hospital by supporting and expanding the core components of the Planetree Model of Patient-Centered Care, which has been a part of Griffin Hospital’s institutional identity since 1994.

The SLAM Team was tasked with designing a technical space to house the IR Suite that humanizes technology and focuses on the patient’s experience, which aligns with the hospital’s mission of patient-centered care. Design elements that were introduced to the space include decorative glass, a printed wall mural and a custom elliptic ceiling to ensure that patients’ first impressions upon entering the suite are less daunting. Lighting was softened through the use of adjustable coved fixtures to create a more relaxed atmosphere for patients. Botanical and nature elements formed the concept of the abstract wall design, which align well with the color and texture of the space, including stone tile and engraved glass accents.

“While integrating the highest elements of advanced technology, the design does not lose focus on the patient’s comfort, ease, and satisfaction,” said Karrie Frasca-Beaulieu, IIDA, EDAC, SLAM’s interior designer on the project. “We utilized calming and beautiful design elements to reframe the normally intimidating nature of the equipment, and provided spaces of convenience and environmental efficiencies for patients and staff to improve overall flow, experience, and care.”

The East Lobby serves as a main hub connecting all the major spaces for the Emergency Department, Radiology, Operating Room (OR) suite, as well as the elevator core. The spaces comprise the outpatient functions and registration for all hospital-based services with four registration bays and a check-in for phlebotomy and radiology. Full-height registration bays are private with accommodations for wheelchair and bariatric patient access. A waiting area is also located within the East Lobby where multiple seating options are configured into secluded corners for privacy and comfort, as well as open space to foster more interaction between family members. SLAM provided custom mahogany casework as a dividing aspect to differentiate seating groups within the waiting area, but the custom cabinets also serve as a place for the hospital to display local artwork. The waiting area is located in close proximity to the cafeteria providing additional waiting options for patients and their families.

SLAM served as the design architect for Griffin Hospital’s Emergency Department and Clinical Lab in 2008, its award-winning Center for Cancer Care in 2006, and the hospital’s industry trendsetting and award-winning North Wing in 1994. The Interventional Radiology Suite and the East Lobby project builds off of the plan that SLAM established with the Emergency Department’s completion through the programming/planning for the facility to make way for the last phase of the project comprising the Ambulatory Care Center. The Ambulatory Care Center will begin construction in October with upgrades to the Same Day Surgery, OR suite and recovery area, waiting area, and reception. A flexible patient-centered design for the IR and Ambulatory Care Center includes decorative ceilings, natural skylights, fireplace, private nooks for seating, 18 recovery bays with two fully private rooms, and a stone tile accent wall with an integrated virtual window display.

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