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Clinton Hospital

Emergency Department Expansion

Location: Clinton, MA
Project Completed: 2013
Size: 14,430 SF

This project is a building addition to expand the first and second floors adjacent to the existing Emergency Building and the existing Ambulatory Building of the Clinton Hospital The intent is to provide a new emergency department designed to meet the current and expected volumes of the hospital.

The first floor Emergency Department of approximately 14,430 square feet will be utilized for Patient Intake / Waiting, Acute Emergency Care, a Secured Holding suite, an Observation suite, and Staff and Clinical Support space. It also includes canopies and building infrastructure support space.

The Emergency Department was designed to provide flexible exam areas to care for a variety of patients. It will include the following:

  • An Intake area with Toilets, Waiting, Registration and Triage.
  • The Acute Emergency area with 2 typical Exam rooms, 1 Trauma Room, 1 GYN Exam room, 1 Airborne Infection Isolation Exam room, 1 Ortho Exam room, 1 Bariatric Exam room, 1 flexible Exam room for Behavior Health patients and a Nurse Workstation
  • Patient family support with a bereavement room, and public toilets.
  • Clinical Support spaces like Soiled Workroom, Clean Supplies, Nourishment, Equipment rooms and Medication rooms.

Additional areas were developed to accommodate:

  • A Secure Holding area with 3 holding rooms and support spaces.
  • An Observation Area with 4 exam rooms and support spaces.
  • Decontamination functions and equipment storage.
  • Staff offices, lounges, lockers, toilets and on-call room.
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