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Georgia Health Sciences University

(formerly Medical College of Georgia)

Location: Augusta, GA
Project Completed: 2006
Size: 189,900 GSF
“It is a building that presents a striking and attractive image from major points of access to our academic campus and is an appropriate example of what we aspire to in future campus buildings.” (Jonathan Bangs, Chief Architect, Facilities Planning)
what mattered to the client
  • to begin to implement the University’s new campus master plan and establish the precedent for future buildings in the academic precinct of the campus
  • to facilitate pedagogies which emphasize an interactive relationship between students and faculty
  • to respond to new program mandates resulting from a leadership change in the School of Nursing at the end of schematic design
  • to provide students with technology that supports current instructional techniques
outcomes-based design RESULTS
  • Supporting both the immediate and long-term goals of the campus master plan, the facility forms a visual and pedestrian edge to the campus green, providing a "sense of place” that the campus had sorely lacked.
  • Close juxtaposition and easy access provided between the skills labs, instructional spaces, and faculty offices fosters a close working relationship between faculty and students; plentiful study and lounge areas also encourage collaboration and interaction.
  • While maintaining the schedule, the design team worked closely with faculty to completely reprogram the facility during the design phase, achieving ambitious goals within original space and budget constraints, while providing flexibility to respond to the need for change over time.
  • A 7,500-SF Learning Resources Center provides skills labs and simulation rooms for Nursing, while additional skills and simulation spaces are Allied Health Sciences are embedded in the academic departments.
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