August 21th, 2015

The S/L/A/M Collaborative Represented at Annual ASLA Meeting and EXPO in Chicago

On Friday, November 6th, Ryan Deane, Landscape Architect at The S/L/A/M Collaborative (SLAM) and ASLA Digital Technology chair will be a panelist and moderator of an education session titled “The LA Media Continuum: Projecting the Future of Our Profession” at the annual American Society for Landscape Architects (ASLA) meeting and EXPO in Chicago. The ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO offers over 130 courses, allowing attendees to earn up to 21 professional development hours (PDHs). It is the largest gathering of landscape architecture professionals and students in the world to gain perspective and establish new connections within the profession.

The educational session will cover the landscape architect’s mode of expression from pencil and trace to virtual reality and how it has taken a seminal shift in the last quarter century. Within the session, a diverse panel of professionals will review the past and present skill sets of landscape architects and focus on how future generations will reshape the profession. “The idea behind the session was to assemble the people that I idolize in the intersecting fields of landscape architecture and technology, and to discuss the skill sets that will be standard for landscape architects in the near future. Landscape architects need to understand how to evolve with the digital and analog worlds that we work in, and understand the power that the developing technologies give us as designers”, according to Deane. “By identifying panelists with different career paths and experience ranging from an academic, an emerging professional, an established professional and a senior professional, this session will be particularly thorough in projecting the forthcoming role of technology with the viewpoint of all generations in the profession.”

Some important learning objectives of the education session will include learning about important research and pedagogy that is pushing the development of computational tools in the profession, learning about budget-driven technology and the need to push technology to lead to better projects, sustainable design and capturing important metrics to make for better designers, learning how to best assess, test and integrate new technologies into a firm, and understanding the importance of electronic media, visual expression, and documentation while balancing firm mission and goals.

Deane proposed the session to a team of highly respected panelists who include Daniel Tal, ASLA, Principal Landscape Architect at Ambit3D in Lakewood, Colorado; Bradley Cantrell, ASLA, Associate Professor of Landscape Architectural Technology at Harvard University Graduate School of Design in Cambridge, Massachusetts; and David A. Rubin, ASLA, FAAR, Principal at LAND COLLECTIVE in Philadelphia. For more information regarding the ASLA Chicago Annual Meeting and EXPO, or to register, please visit

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