design thinkers

Introducing a sampling of our talented and diverse Design Thinkers. Check back periodically to meet our growing SLAM team.

William Cone
Senior Associate / Landscape Architect
Emily Leyland
Interior Designer
Amy Christmas
Associate Principal / Architect
Sagar Chavan
Senior Associate / Design Architect
Eric Caisse
Associate / Business Solutions Developer
Frederick Godbolt
Senior Associate / Architect
Michael Rettenmeier
Associate / Landscape Architect
Amy Samuelson
Senior Associate / Project Manager
Sachiko Boie
Associate / Architect
Tara Bengston
Associate / Senior Graphic Designer
James C. Reyes
Senior Associate / Architect
Emily Ky
Associate / Architect
Tim Applebee
Project Architect
Karrie Frasca-Beaulieu
Senior Associate / Interior Designer
Ross G. Spiegel
Specifications Coordinator