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SLAM announces enhanced leadership

National multidisciplinary design and planning firm SLAM announces enhanced leadership in higher education, independent education, healthcare and sports facility design

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The Design Thinkers Blog presents the diverse viewpoints of our team members. We hope you enjoy their perspective and ideas on all the things that inspire and excite them.  We are SLAM!


What Story Do You Want to Tell?

Interior designers do much more than selecting paint colors and finishes. We are not decorating a space, we’re designing it to meet specific functions and user needs, complimenting the building architecture and telling a story about our clients in the process. 


These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

SLAM’s Karen Parzych, Emily Leyland and Steve Boehm reflect on five of their favorite features of the new University of Houston Fertitta College of Medicine Building.


Working Wellness into School Facilities: 4 Trends

Given the protracted COVID-19 pandemic and already palpable environmental changes from global warming, it’s no wonder that independent schools are increasingly embracing wellness and sustainability on their campuses. Schools are considering programs and spaces that help prepare students for a future that prioritizes a holistic approach to healthy life choices. - Tracy Herzer


SLAM a 2022 Palladio Award winner

SLAM (The S/L/A/M Collaborative) has earned the prestigious Palladio Award in the New Design and Construction – more than 30,000 sq. ft. category for the Thomas and Donna May College for Arts & Sciences at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts. This award builds on SLAM’s long history in the preservation of classical architecture across numerous academic campuses nationwide.


Next Frontier of Prefabrication

A convergence of technology, manufacturing, modular design, and prefabrication is rendering creative solutions that highlight the use of parametric software as the next frontier in rapid outpatient facility deployment. – Keith Fine, AIA and Patricia Betzhold


Colorado hospitals reinvent outdoor healing environments

For more than a decade, health care organizations have reinvented themselves as places of healing, health and wellness as opposed to traditional clinical institutions. In that same timeframe, we have recognized the benefits of healthy buildings for not only Colorado communities at large, but for their occupants. - Russ Sedmak