Florida Theme Park, With Popular Computer-Animated Motion Picture Theme

Florida Theme Park

With Popular Computer-Animated Motion Picture Theme

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This Florida Theme Park project, located on a previously developed site, includes a new roller coaster, a swirling saucer guest ride, 3 buildings for guest queueing, a restroom and various maintenance facilities. Completed under the Integrated Project Delivery Method (IPD), 12 design and trade partners worked together through all phases of design, fabrication and construction, with SLAM as lead civil engineers.

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Civil Engineering
Orlando, FL
Completed 2018
11 Acres Site Development

Approximately 7 miles of new underground utilities were added while existing utilities were rerouted and protected. Utilities included water, fire, sanitary sewer, gas, chilled water, low temperature hot water, communications and electrical.

ADA accessibility for guests was an important factor. The grading of walkways ensured that longitudinal and cross slope requirements would still be met regardless of minor construction changes.

An existing 10-foot wide by 6-foot tall box culvert bisected the site and could not be relocated. Site and utility design were adjusted to remain clear of the culvert. Lightweight geofoam blocks were employed on top of a portion of the culvert to control the weight of soil above the culvert.

Site design was modified and adjusted throughout the design and construction phase to address changes initiated by the client’s creative team.

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