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Kaiser Permanente Playa Vista Medical Offices transforms and rebrands care delivery to exceed consumer and community expectations. Built for flexibility, efficiency, and provider team collaboration, the design solution leverages to address member needs. The interior design blends references to the adjacent Ballona Wetlands, the rich local aviation history, and Silicon Beach technology campuses. This 35,000-SF full renovation minimizes energy consumption with pioneering electrical DC lighting and power systems.

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Tenant Improvement
Programming & Planning
Los Angeles, CA
Completed in 2020
35,000 SF

The goal of the project was to design a high quality, cutting edge space on a very tight schedule to fit in with the local context of Silicone beach giants, such as Microsoft, Google, IMAX, Facebook, Electronic arts, and many more; as well as a nod to the aeronautical manufacturing history and home of the Howard Hugh’s aircraft, including the notable WWII Spruce Goose.


As a design element of this project, SLAM collaborated with two creative industry partners to design and fabricate an entry portal to the clinical module offsite that allowed for a significant savings in the construction and substantially reduced the cost of the portal.

This portal was created using digital fabrication and computational design, adding these benefits to the process:

  • Exact prefabrication
  • Reduction in material waste
  • Improved Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Efficient assembly and installation
  • Reduced labor and scheduling

This replacement facility serves over 12,000 members. With newly offered services such as Mental Health, along with pharmacy, lab, nurse clinic, and family practice, Playa Vista Medical Office is able to meet the needs of the community that is one of the highest utilizers of services in the area.

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