Nixon Forensic Hospital at Fulton State Hospital

Nixon Forensic Hospital at Fulton State Hospital

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Fulton State Hospital, established in 1851, is the oldest state mental institution west of the Mississippi River. It currently serves as a residential and therapeutic location for patients associated with the criminal justice system. The existing facilities were dated and did not support recovery-based treatment. They were identified as unsafe for both staff and residents, in no small part because of the configuration and condition of existing spaces designed in another time and, in some cases, for other uses. The 450,000 SF Forensic Psychiatric Hospital replaced the 85-year-old facilities previously on site

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New Building
Programming & Planning
Fulton, Missouri
Completed in 2022
450,000 SF

The goal for the new Nixon Forensics Center was to replace an outdated maximum-security psychiatric hospital with a modern mental health facility that delivers expanded treatment opportunities, safety for patients and staff, and a sense of wellness and healing.


The design solution is driven by healing, recovery, and safety on the cutting edge of psychiatric care.  The design team empowered patients and staff through rigorous planning, maximizing light to circulation and treatment areas and providing access to outdoor space and views to nature.

The new facilities feature 12 residential living units of 25 beds each, organized around four community program areas served by a central treatment area.


This place makes me think I can get better; there is a chance I can get out.

Anonymous Fulton State Hospital, Client/Patient

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