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Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Buildings E17 / E18 / E19 Renovations

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Buildings E17 / E18 / E19 Renovations

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Over an eight year period, SLAM worked closely with MIT to renovate large parts of MIT’s Building E17/E18/E19 office and laboratory facility, while avoiding disruption to ongoing occupancy and research. The scope includes extensive renovations with selective removal of existing partitioning; new build out; total replacement of flooring, wall and ceiling materials; selective replacement of lighting; and other MEP systems. The design team developed a strategy to minimize impact on the existing infrastructure, optimize energy, sustainability, and life cycle goals, and to create a space design consistent with each end user group’s brand attributes. The interior design strategy leverages these attributes with visual elements, color, and material choices.

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Interior Design
Programming & Planning
Cambridge, MA
Completed 2018
170,000 SF

A unique aspect of the programming, planning and design process was analyzing the functional needs and image requirements of the many various end user groups who were coming from multiple locations to occupy common space.


Every group has their own identity that needed to be recognized through the interior design, and to be cohesive in the space, yet emphasize the goals and vision of each department and program.


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